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There is great excitement in the gaming community today. According to an op-ed piece by Richard Parker in the New York Times, the US has opened a new chapter in military history. We are investing big time in autonomous drone warfare. Or to put it in simpler terms war hytera business has become a video game. Fighter pilots are going the way of the buffalo.

The EP-3 made an unauthorized emergency landing at Lingshui airfield, after at least 15 distress signals had gone unanswered, with the emergency code selected on the transponder. It landed at 170 knots (200 mph), with no flaps, no trim, and a damaged left elevator, weighing 108,000 pounds (49,000 kg). Following the collision, the failure of the nose cone had disabled the No. 3 (inner right) engine, and the No. 1 propeller could not be feathered, leading to increased drag on that side. There was no working airspeed indicator or altimeter, and Osborn used full right aileron during the landing. Meanwhile, the surviving Chinese interceptor had landed there 10 minutes earlier.

HD Radio technology works much like traditional analog transmissions (AM and FM are both analog signals). The difference is that the station broadcasting HD Radio technology transmits an extra hytera radio earpieces signal, along with its normal analog signal. It can also broadcast a third signal for text data.

You know I was originally going to make this a screed about how man simply cannot evolve beyond killing each other. I thought that now that we're in the 21st century, and have logic and reasoning at our disposal, that man would eventually lose interest in killing each other. Makes sense to me. But nope. We're just locked into a never ending cycle of finding better and more efficient ways to conduct warfare. All on the pretext that if we don't do it, the other guy will. The other guys here being the Chinese. Most of you will remember this type of logic from your grade school recess days. "He started it!!!" Don't get me wrong here, there are no innocent parties here. The chinese communications is just as much to blame as ours. Men forever behaving like little boys.

Citing NATO's ongoing military operation in Libya as an example of hytera earpiece abuse of UN Security Council decisions Moscow said it would strongly oppose any attempts to overthrow undesirable regimes under the guise of a UN mandate.

All in all, I'm not too interested in seeing the Star Wars universe turn into a full-out CGI cartoon world. It takes away the last ounces of humanity in a series that has already lost a lot of it. I remember how real the characters of Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker when I first saw them on TV. The idea of those same people, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill being replaced by CGI cartoons is almost like blasphemy.

The second important advantage of digital HD radio, is that it allows broadcasters to pack more than one channel on the same frequency. These "other" channels are called HD2 channels. As an example of this, we have an FM station in my city that broadcasts easy listening music on its HD1 channel (or primary frequency) and all blues on its HD2 channel.

Besides TV, the Lobster 700TV have a digital radio to give you all sorts of music of your choice. If that's not enough then you can make and play your play list on its fine music player. It is also loaded with Windows Mobile 5.0 software with email, instant messaging plus Internet browsing. There is a 1.3 megapixel camera, which also supports recording and allows you to capture and share those lovely moments. Grab this cool gizmo with Virgin mobile deals.

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