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There's a place in Florida where, on a dark deserted beach in June, 1942, four German saboteurs landed, hoping to disrupt America's efforts in World War II. That beach was Ponte Vedra Beach, a few miles south of Jacksonville, and there wasn't an American in sight to see them or what is the secret service German U-boat that brought them.

You see, just as Pilots, Astronauts, Service men; F.B.I. agents, as well as secret service earpiece for cell phone men and women, give up their rights to serve you. Did you know that? No, probably not. Not to the point and level that I do, from expericance know.

Currently, actor Daniel Craig is playing the role of James Bond. He was named the new Bond in 2005. Craig has played Bond in Casino Royal (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008). He will be starring in the 2011 release of Bond 32. He is the first blonde actor to play the role.

The brand of pad we chose was from a company that can be trusted to provide pets with the best of everything - - Hartz. The product is called Maximum close protection Pads. There are 50 pads in a bag, which retails for around $8 to $10. That works out to around $.15 a pad. It may sound like a lot but it really isn't when you consider the wear and tear you will save on your carpet or floor.

It has also been said that the Mob had assisted in the election of Kennedy to President. But after Kennedy got into office, he appointed his brother, Robert Kennedy, as Attorney General, who promptly started criminally prosecuting the Mafia.

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It's true, you may not see the weapon . . . but can you see the palms of his hands? Assuming you are aware of the approach of a potential attacker at least a second before he's within range to strike, if you cannot see the palms of both of his hands, you must assume that he is holding a weapon!

When the team returns to their HQ, they have an unexpected surprise. The director of the FBI is there and demands Simms to have over his badge. However, he hands over Simms' new badge, making him a fulltime agent instead of a Special Agent pending. Well, this looks to be an exciting season with a fantastic new team of agents.