The 10 Top Tips On Cooking Food

Tired of the same old stuff on the radio, I've begun listening more to NPR. Yesterday on the way home I heard an audio postcard from a Manhattan-based NPR reporter explaining his stroganoff meaning recent visit to a Russian bathhouse.

Roast beef dinners provide another opportunity for freezing leftovers. Chop up any leftover roast and freeze it. It can later be turned into barbeque beef (just defrost the meat and add some bottled barbeque sauce and simmer). Other ideas include filling for fajitas, or a quick best slow cooker beef stroganoff. Having frozen meat prepared ahead of time cuts down your cooking and preparation time significantly.

Russia: Christmas is either celebrated as a festival of lights or a religious holiday in Russia. A russian stew Christmas consist of special prayers and the fasting for 39 days until Jan 6th.Christmas Eve in Russia. The Christmas Eve menu consist of Borsch, a soup made from beets, cabbage stuffed with millet, and cooked dried fruit. Hay is spread over the floor and tables to increase growing of horse feed, people also make clucking sounds to influence hens to lay more eggs the following year.

Stew Meat: We all know beef stew meat is expensive. All it really is a roast all cut up. You can purchase an inexpensive cut of roast and cut it up yourself. Don't worry that the cheaper cut may be tough. It will be simmering in a crock pot bath all day and that will tender it right up!

While having catering provided, with service for 2 keep in mind that guests will become hungry again later in the night. Easy to make food that is filling is great to serve once guests have had an intake of alcohol.